Asian Tattooed Girl, New Fashion Looks & One Crazy Goal

Why hello there! Welcome to my blog. Some of you may already know me from my old fashion DIY blog and YouTube channel, but for those of you who don't, I'm Aiko Miyoko, and I come from Malaysia. A very tiny but picturesque country in Asia.

Like everyone else, I have grown quite a bit during my four years of being on the internet. I started with sewing plushies, branched out into fashion lookbooks and lets not forget my DIY fashion videos. With that said, I have been pretty much MIA from my old social accounts for quite a while now and it was very much time I needed away to re-evaluate my goals as a fashion blogger.

Lesson I learnt? I am and always will be that crazy DIY person. I love making things, turning old into new and, I want to somehow, magically purge out my very own fashion designs one day. I love vintage, but with an alternative twist. I love pastels mixed with Tim Burton like bunnies and most of all, I have taken quite a liking to body art. Tattoos to be exact. I am now an official tattoo artist! 

In all honesty. I want a fresh slate. A place I can be more of me and less of someone else. I loved being on Hapy Friends Shoppe, but I want to reach out to more people now. I want to be able to talk about things that matter, things that I know I shouldn't say in a place like Hapy Friends Shoppe. Things that I want to eventually do for society with the growth of my brand. Things that are me. More truth, less fluff.

With my new found love of being less afraid of what is socially right to do, say and wear on my body, I am still going to dedicate this blog to, DIY Fashion tutorials, my tattoo journey as a tattoo artist and most of all, my take on fashion. My way. Tim Burton bunnies included. 

- Aiko -

P/S: For more fluff than ink, I still have all my old blog and YouTube channel for all my fluffy lovers. That was a part of me and something I don't wish to wipe out simply because I have a new spot to hang out in. Think of it as having more places to visit in a way? Yep, that's it.